The Outpawed Rescue Trust

The Outpawed Rescue Trust

About Us

We provide shelter for community/stray cats and kittens and aim to spay/neuter, socialise, vaccinate, microchip and find homes for as many of them as possible. We are also involved in TNR for cats that cannot be integrated into a household environment. Where TNR is necessary, cats are released into managed colonies where they are fed and monitored.

We aim to work with local government and other animal welfare organisations to obtain the best outcome possible for the community/stray cat population. Our goal is to reduce this population over time through desexing and adoption.

How YOU can help!

Become a foster carer or a volunteer

We are always looking for people to help out with fostering, maintaining the shelter, trapping or fundraising. Please get in contact with us to discuss how you would like to help.


We are grateful for any donations received. Item donations can be dropped off or shipped to our address, or we may be able to arrange a pick up.

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The Outpawed Rescue Trust

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Step one:
Step one in the process is for prospective adopters to contact us and arrange a time to meet the cat (or cats) they are interested in. We will have a friendly chat about the cats and what sort of home they are looking for.

Step two:
Many of our cats and kittens have come from rough backgrounds. We work really hard to give these cats a chance at a normal life, but because of their backgrounds many of them are shy and require a certain environment to thrive. In order for us to act in their best interests, we ask that prospective adopters fill out a questionnaire about their household so we can determine whether their home is the right fit for a particular cat.

Step three:
Adopt! An adoption form is filled out. Often the cat/kitten is ready to go immediately, but sometimes they need to stay just a little bit longer to recover from their desexing surgery or other procedure. If this is the case, we will advise when the cat will be ready to be picked up.

Adopters can contact us at any time if they have any concerns or require advice about their new pet.

Contact Us

Whitby, Porirua, New Zealand

Contact Us

Whitby, Porirua, New Zealand
+64 21 1323946